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Our Global Talent program provides businesses with a cost-effective solution to increase their competitiveness.
We allow companies to gain access to a global talent pool of more than 20,000 top quality interns in more than 124 countries,
as well as strengthen their brand as an employer with a global mindset and contributing to the youth development worldwide.
Our program puts companies’ best interest in mind and is highly customizable. AIESEC interns can work for 1.5 to 18 months to cater to your needs.
At the same time, the program provides the opportunity for interns to develop personally and professionally through expanding their international experience and cultural understanding in a global context

Access Diverse and Dynamic Young Leaders


Get access to top international engineering talent
Top Talent from: North Africa, Eastern Europe, and South America

Information Technology

Keep your business up to date with the latest technological trends
Top Talent from: North Africa, Eastern Europe, and South America

Marketing and sales

Get an international perspective on your organization’s marketing strategy
Top Talent from: Europe and China

Business administration

Grow your organization by spreading the workload across a new team member
Top Talent from: Europe and China

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  Cost Effective

  cost-effective method to attract
  top talent


  Hassle-Free and Flexible

  Save time and resources


  Access Top
  Global Talent

  connect with a recognized
  global association of 100,000
    young leaders.