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What is GV?

The Global Volunteer (GV) program is the internship hosted by an AIESEC entity under a project or a non-AIESEC organization e.g. NGO, organizations or schools in another country or territory. A GV internship is between 6 weeks and 12 weeks.
With GV, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership and partake in a global learning environment, thus create the international platform for every young member of the world to develop their potential.

Our Projects

e Guru Gedara

Interns will engage in teaching students who are in the ages of 8-14 years


Interns will be teaching in preschools to create a unique learning environment for children

The ART project

Promoting Sri Lankan design theories, culture & essential teachings for local and foreign design students

Feel Lanka

Promote Sri Lankan Tourism Industry and Hospitality Service industry among the tourists

Ripple Effect

Community project to enhance the lives of Sri Lankan underdeveloped communities

Heal a Nation

creating awareness to local undergraduates and students on sexually transmitting diseases


make the society aware of the importance of protecting water and water resources


assist local start-up entrepreneurs in setting up their business by giving them basic guidance

I Respect You

Creating awareness on Social Issues that goes unnoticed and ignored in the society

Switch Off

make the society aware of the importance of energy conservation


Creating awareness regarding environment sustainability

Global Classroom

Interns will engage in teaching students who are in the ages of 8-14 years

Global Kindergarten

Aims to enhance the learning environment in local preschools. Teaching them English and installing a global learning environment within the classroom.


Youth Empowerment Project is to enhance the skills and knowledge of local undergraduates

The Entrepreneur

Promotes entrepreneurship among the youth who are currently doing higher studies or attending vocational training and also helping the small scale entrepreneurs to grow.

What our interns say

The people here are really nice and helpful and I had the opportunity to find them, especially AIESEC CS people. They helped me in everything that i need , before came here and here too

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Priscila Tesio / Argentina

The experience was amazing, the share of thoughts, ideas and culture affected me a lot; more that I can even imagine. I can say that I found myself in Sri Lanka

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Artur Mayoral / Brazil

Lanka; the land of coconuts and magical beaches has provided me with the best experience for my exchange

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Maida Ali / Pakistan

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What are You going to experience in SriLanka

Sri Lanka is a tourist paradise with an abundance of tourist attractions like the sunny beaches, glorious ancient cities, salubrious hill country, beautiful fauna & flora, exquisite handicrafts, world renowned gems, traditional dance & drama, colourful festivals, smiling people and not forgetting the mouth watering Sri Lankan cuisine

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