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Global Internship Program allows young people to put their skills into practice by working in professional, SriLankan workplaces
as well as develop themselves professionally and personally by gaining practical skills and experiencing Srilankancultures.
Global Talent Internships range from 3 to 18 months and the requirements for each internship varies depending on the field.

Opportunities in Sri Lanka


Tourism jobs can be dream opportunities for professionals yearn to explore the world
Example placements:
    Research and Development Manager
    Travel Consultant
    Customer Service Agents

Information Technology

Use your technical expertise to help build a company’s capabilities
Example placements:
   Software developer
   Mobile developer
   Web developer

Marketing and sales

Great opportunities to gain practical experience around the world
Example placements:
    Online marketing coordinator
    Market researcher and analyst
    Business development exec

Business administration

Develop and hone your business skills while helping brilliant businesses grow
Example placements:
    Human resources coordinator
    Project manager

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