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AIESEC offers internships for undergraduates and recent graduates. This is a unique experience. Global Citizen programme is the most valuable volunteer experience in the global level.

Minimum duration for a Global Citizen internship is 6 weeks but you can have some changes where as you want to stay more or leave early.

Remember this is a six weeks programme. The budget of yours is so much lesser than you expect. The highest amount you have to pay for is for the air ticket.

Nope. It’s not always about doing projects but also being engaged in different activities. You will be able to see the country. Be with friends. Travel to other countries sometimes. Make new friends. Lot of amazing things.

Absolutely.You don’t have to be an AIESECer to take an internship. This chance is for any undergraduate who is capable of handling English even in a basic level.

There are number of projects you can choose between. Environmental, Educational, Health, IT, Community Service, Leadership, Business Development, HR etc. You can choose a project you prefer. The activities you have to do depends on the project.

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Why Don't You Go for an Internship and Change Your Life

What kind of experience you will get from an internship

These are some experience sharings by students who went for internships

Indunil Herath

I had my internship in the city of Ho-Chi-Minh in Vietnam. I experienced things in 6 weeks that would take years for some people to experience and each experience was a new learning point for me.

Isuru Chathuranga

Those six weeks I spend in Vietnam totally changed my life. I want everyone to take this chance. Truly an amazing experience. I will not think twice to take it again.

Dulitha Dabare

The experiences I have gained in my exchange will guide me for the rest of my life. It truly is an extraordinary experience that everybody should take part in.

Achintha Iroshan

AIESEC guided me to jump out of my comfort zone and try an adventure. I have identified my potentials. At the end of the internship I became the leader that born to be.